Organic Skin Care Products – A Package Great for the Holidays!

These three Organic Skin Care Products are a great package for the holidays! To treat your loved ones (or yourself!) give them the gift to enhance their beauty, youth and confidence. All of the products from this line contain a base of organic aloe vera, organic Japanese green tea and organic French chamomile.

The first step is the Image Skincare Organic Solar Defense. This is an Organic moisturizer safe for daily use on all skin types. It is formulated chemical- free with antioxidants and 31% zinc to leave your skin nourished and protected all day. It is water resistant, safe for use on infants and is even safe to use while pregnant or breast-feeding! We all know the importance of keeping your skin safe from the sun. Read more about it here.

A good facial cleanser is essential in your nighttime routine. Image Skincare Organic Balancing Facial Cleanser is true to its name, it balances the pH of skin and eliminates the need for a toner. In addition to the base of ingredients listed above, this organic cleanser also contains a rich mango pulp giving it a fresh feel and scent. It leaves the skin soft, hydrated and clean. This a very effective but gentle cleanser good for all skin types, especially sensitive or dry skin.

Image Skincare Organic Balancing Soothing Gel Masque to be applied after cleansing, you can even sleep in it! An ultra gentle masque for compromised skin that may be inflamed or irritated, such as from procedures or irritating acne or anti-aging creams. This product also contains copper, zinc and vitamin K which helps reduce redness and irritation while restoring a natural healthy balance to your skin. Can be used with rosacea or acne prone skin.

To learn more about or order any of these products (or others) feel free to visit our product store online! Click here.

Happy Holidays!


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