Tip of the Week: What causes my acne?

While it’s common knowledge that clogged pores and bacteria can cause acne. Acne may also be due to the following:

1) Hormones: Your acne could be elicited by your birth control pill, so getting rid of your skin imperfections could be as simple as switching to a different pill. Your natural hormone changes may cause the acne too, and there may be some natural hormonal creams that could help.

2) Diet: Acne has been linked to sugar and dairy, as well as refined and processed foods. You could try cutting back on these items to see if your diet is triggering your breakouts.

3) Stress: Leave it to good ol’ stress to manifest itself in ugly ways like zits. Stress affects our skin by stimulating our body to produce too much of acne producing hormones.

For more information on acne, it’s causes, prevention and ways to handle it, please visit the website.



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