Chemical Peel Alternative: Organic Green Peel For Age Spots – As Seen On The Doctors

How’s your carbon footprint? You drive a Prius, have solar panels on your roof, you recycle, eat organic foods… but you can’t seem to give up your chemical peels and fractional resurfacing procedures. Hey, we get it – your skin is the biggest organ on your body and your face deserves the very best. Now, here’s another option to “go green” – as recently seen on The Doctors, a new chemical peel alternative is available that is 100% organic, includes no acids and best of all, delivers chemical-peel-like results.

Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Benest explains, “What makes [the peel] unique is we don’t put an acid on the skin. Most people use an acid.” Traditional chemical peels use varying strengths and types of acid to treat damaged skin and age spots. Laser Skin Resurfacing such as Fraxel can also treat age spots but can be abrasive on the skin. Since the Green Peel is all natural, the ingredients are relatively easier on the skin while delivering chemical peel-like results.

The active ingredients in this organic face peel include several different herbs, one of which is horsetail. This herb contains natural silica, which when rubbed onto the skin, polishes the outside of the skin, penetrates the pores to stimulate collagen and increases blood flow. Similar to a chemical peel with acid, the organic Green Peel will turn the skin red as layers of skin are being exfoliated. More intensive than normal exfoliation, the Green Peel is ideal for patients of all skin color and type. A complete treatment is 5 exfoliation sessions.

Results are probably not as dramatic as a true chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing, but the Green Peel is a good alternative for anyone interested in all natural and organic skin care.

Now you can add the Green Peel to your list of going green. Your skin (and smaller carbon footprint) will thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Chemical Peel Alternative: Organic Green Peel For Age Spots – As Seen On The Doctors

  1. the best thing about organic foods is that they are free from hazardous chemicals that are present in non-organic foods, any other organic tips?

    • Organic foods are also free from genetically modified ingredients, however you must ensure that the food is 100% organic. Genetically modified foods have higher pesticide residues in addition to ill effects on animals. Dr B.

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