Nutrition/Natural Medicine

Dr. Dunev specializes in weight loss, hormone balancing, handling fatigue, low metabolism, balancing blood sugar, sleep problems and numerous other health issues. Many chronic health conditions can be corrected by treating the underlying cause.

Have you been wondering…

  • How do I know which vitamins are really right for my body?
  • How do I know my vitamins are working for me?
  • How can I get relief from my allergies?
  • How do I get my hormones balanced?
  • Why can’t I lose weight even when I diet?
  • Could my acne be caused by diet?
  • Why do I have cravings?
  • How do I handle depression and fatigue?
  • How can I sleep better without medication?

Get a personalized nutritional analysis and get on the correct supplements for your body! As an introductory offer, you get an initial consultation visit (allow an hour) for $150 and a follow up visit for for $25 if you come back in 2 weeks (This is a $225 value) Call now to schedule your appointment!

Are you too busy to come in for a consultation?

Call and we will fax you a symptom survey to fill out and fax back to us. You will receive a personalized nutritional program and a phone consultation to get your body on the right track! Cost $75.00.


Click here to learn more.


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