An even-toned and softly-textured complexion can help you have a youthful appearance.   But environmental elements and lifestyle choices make tone and texture more difficult to maintain.  Uneven skin tone, texture and color can be the result of a variety of factors, including environmental exposures, pollutants, sun exposure, tanning beds and even diet. Most people (yes, men, that includes you!) want to present a healthy and youthful image. There are some very simple ways of doing this – ways that will fit right into your daily routine, but will make a big effect on your skin’s health and appearance! They are simple secrets to healthier, younger looking skin.

EXFOLIATE – This process removes dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull. Using a cleanser or lotion that contains alpha (glycolic) or beta (salicylic) hydroxy acids will keep your skin looking fresher and more youthful.

CLEANSE – Daily cleansing is essential to remove excess oil and dirt from your skin. This will help prevent pimples and acne as well.  Ensure you use a cleanser that is meant for your skin type.
MOISTURIZE – Whether your skin is oily or dry, you may benefit from moisturizing your skin. Moisturizers moisten your skin by locking water on the surface. Keeping skin hydrated always helps boost a blah complexion, but new lotions made with niacinamide (vitamin B) and other thirst quenching nutrients do more than that. 
PROTECTION FROM SUN – Ultraviolet rays present in sunlight are one of the biggest enemies of your skin. Protect your skin from the sun with a daily sunscreen SPF 30 or higher.  For those of you who are active outdoors, sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours or after swimming/heavy sweating.  New studies show that combining green tea extracts with sunscreens provides more potent protection against sun damage.


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