Beauty: Naturally

By Lisa Benest MD


One of the most beneficial trends that has emerged from the last decade is the move towards health and earth-conscious products, also known as “green” products. While it may be trendy to develop and carry organic, natural-ingredient based products, it is also a responsible method of living our lives, taking care of ourselves, and being consumers.


For decades women have been using harmful ingredients to delay the effects that aging has on our bodies. Thanks to the “trend” towards green products, we now have an alternative. These products use only ingredients found in nature, without chemicals, yet they are still very effective agents for anti-aging and healthy skin. Chemical treatments still have their place in skin care regimens for those that need them and they do show greater improvements.


Image Skincare makes pharmaceutical-grade products with natural and organic ingredients. They are effective and safe for all skin types, including people with sensitive skin and women who are pregnant or breast feeding. They use ingredients as familiar as aloe vera and vitamin C while also combining more unusual elements like zinc and bearberry to achieve results. The Image Skincare line includes a pH balancing moisturizer, an anti-oxidant serum, anti-aging products, and more. They also offer specialized treatments for acne, sun protection, and skin lightening. Image Skincare stands out from their competitors by offering paraben-free products. Paraben is a chemical preservative that has become commonplace in the cosmetic industry, but there is a possible link with cancer and other health issues.


Products can only take one’s skin so far. There are cases when treatments may be needed or desired. There are several all-natural peels that don’t use chemicals or chemical acids to renew the skin. The Green Peel is a five day peel developed specifically for skin regeneration. It uses a combination of herbs to exfoliate the top layer of the skin and also penetrate deeply into the pores to stimulate blood circulation and intensify the skin’s metabolism. The result is healthy and youthful skin.


Other natural treatments available include an assortment of peels that use fruit and other natural ingredients to rejuvenate a variety of skin types. They use ingredients like mango and cranberry to enhance the skin’s immune system, revitalize and detoxify the skin, and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.


The world of beauty is full of passing trends. Nonetheless, the movement towards green products is a “fashion” that is becoming a way of living. By reducing the chemical intake on our skin in addition to in our food, while supporting environmentally sustainable products, we can have a higher quality of life for ourselves and leave a better world for our children.


The team of doctors and nurses at Lisa Benest MD understand the desire we all have to be as beautiful and healthy as we can be.  Whether you have a medical or a cosmetic skin care need, they blend the latest advances in skin care into the experience and wisdom of medicine. Visit them for a FREE Consultation with their Cosmetic Nurse Specialist to find out how they can help you look as young as you feel!


Lisa Benest M.D.

1624 W. Olive #B

Burbank, CA  91506



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