Is DRY SKIN a problem for you?

Is your skin parched from months of cold weather, wind and dry indoor heating?  Air humidity doesn’t kick in until summertime, so you really need to moisturize day and night in the Spring.  BONUS:  hydrated skin will show fewer fine lines and wrinkles.  


What to do

Opt for moisturizers with glycerin, aloe and hyauronic acid, which draw moisture to the skin and plump lines and emollients such as shea butter to seal in hydration.  Extremely dry skin is prone to inflammation and irritation, so treat it with a soothing, moisturizing mask once or twice a week (after washing and before applying night cream). 

In the daytime, wear a moisturizer with a sunscreen.  Daily sun protection is the best anti-aging investment you can make to prevent age spots, wrinkles and sagging skin.


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