How to stay sun safe:

Using sunscreen seems simple enough but there is a proper way to apply.  These easy pointers will keep you protected under the sun.

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Layer it on

To get the best coverage possible, apply 2 coats.  Give the first layer 5 to 10 minutes to be absorbed and then repeat

Mind the Periphery

Take care not to skimp around your hairline. Many women do and that can cause sun spots and wrinkles as well as basil and squamous cell carcinomas, two common forms of Skin Cancer.

Reapply Regularly

There is no such thing as all-day protection.  After 2 hours, all sunscreen starts to degrade and needs to be reapplied. Refresh products marked as waterproof or water-resistant after swimming.  Both terms mean that you’re shielded in the water only, not after toweling off.


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