Care-Free Skin Care. Find out how….

  1. Cleanse in the AM and PM

If your face is greasy in the summertime (even if its normally considered dry), try a less hydrating cleanser than you normally use which will help control the extra oil your skin is producing.

  1. Apply Your Antioxidants

The sun’s rays can induce damaging free radicals, resulting in fine lines, sagging and brown spots. Using a serum with antioxidants under your moisturizer, preferably one with SPF, can help absorb some of these free radicals.  Some of the most effective antioxidants include Vitamin C, Green Tea and Idebenone. 

  1. Moisturize

Keep using a face moisturizer during the summer, even if your skin is oily.  The hydrating ingredients (including water) in face creams help keep skin cells functioning properly.  But if your skin feel slick, switch to an oil-free formula or moisturize only after cleansing at night.

  1. Use a LOT of Sunscreen

Unless your moisturizer has broad-spectrum protection of at least SPF 15, you will have to use a separate sunscreen on top.  Apply it often (every couple of hours), and reapply after sweating or swimming.


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