Facials: Luxury or Necessity?


Interview with Ewa Szumilas
Aesthetician at Lisa Benest, MD | Skin Care & Laser Center

The importance of great looking skin should never be underestimated. First impressions are important, and how you (and your face) look are a big part of that. Truth be told, we all like to look at something “easy on the eyes.”  So where do you start if you have concerns about your skin and your facial appearance? A facial is perfect.

Ewa Szumilas is our Aesthetician here at Dr. Benest’s office. She has worked extensively in Paris, Manhattan and Palm Beach, with an impressive list of celebrity clients. We’re proud to have her as part of our Cosmetic Services team. We wanted to get her view on facials, products and a basic skin care regime anyone can use.

Most people, especially women, are well aware that facials are necessary for healthy skin.

Yes, and they should never be considered a luxury. One of the main differences I see in American women versus European women is that American women wait until much later in life to begin taking really good care of their skin. Then they try to make up for it with buying over-the-counter products to solve topical skin issues, as well as foundations and camouflage products to hide flaws. Fortunately, there’s a lot more that can be done with modern techniques to reverse the signs of aging, and the medical-grade facials like we’re able to do here at Dr. Benest’s can make a very big change.

How would you compare going to a spa for a facial and coming to Dr. Benest’s office?

When you go to a day spa, you’re going for the relaxing experience; the quiet music, the Jacuzzi, etc. Coming to a dermatologist’s office is a different type of experience. First off, we are able use much higher-grade masks, peels, serums, etc. for our patients. This means more effective medical-grade products that will get better results, faster. When you come here it’s about really taking a look at your skin and providing a treatment that’s going to help you from a medical and cosmetic perspective, rather than simply providing you a relaxing escape from your stressful week. Remember that we’re a dermatology office specializing in the care and health of your skin.

We also have the added advantage of having a doctor right down the hall. If I see an issue with someone’s skin that needs a doctor’s attention, we can take care of it.

What types of facials do you do?

We provide many types of facials, but truthfully every facial I do is a customized facial. Every patient is different and has different issues. With each facial I provide a mask, a peel, a massage and extractions for one price. Spas tend to price differently and you may see one price on their price list, but if you want a peel – that can be extra.

A spa’s Aesthetician will usually make a recommendation of products for you when you leave, do you do provide this service as well?

We sell various skin care products here – and again, many of them are of a different caliber than those you’d find at a spa because we are a doctor’s office. Additionally, if I feel that there are products we don’t sell that are available elsewhere, I’ll recommend what I feel you really need. The priority is you and your skin.

I also encourage all my patients to let me know what they are using on their skin and I’ll provide my professional opinion as to whether or not those products are best for them. In a spa they typically only recommend the products they sell.

What does it take to get truly flawless skin?

Some if it of course has to do with good genes but also good habits. However, with all that’s available today in terms of products, treatments and services – it’s attainable for most. Minimally we can take years off your face and create glowing-looking skin, but it has to be part of a consistent program: Daily care, monthly facials and good quality skin-products that are best for your skin. If someone has more advanced issues with uneven skin-tone, sun damage, deep wrinkles, scarring, etc., we have a number of treatments we can recommend to help you achieve your goals, which again are solutions you won’t find at a day spa.

What would you recommend as a basic skin-care program?

  1. Cleanse daily, especially at night.
  2. Moisturize daily.
  3. Use a product with sunscreen daily.
  4. Get a facial once a month. Twice a month if you have acne-prone skin.
  5. Drink plenty of water and eat well.

Book a facial with Ewa, and a consultation with one of our Cosmetic Nurse Specialists. Let’s see how gorgeous we can make you!



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